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Optimum is the East Coast brand of Altice USA, a multi-service provider that offers cable and fiber internet plans with speeds up to 940 Mbps. With monthly prices starting from somewhere between $30-$50 a month, cord cutters can get fast speeds for a meager price. While there are less expensive cable internet plans from ISPs like RCN, Optimum’s fiber plans have ultra-fast speeds.

To top it off, Optimum’s plans are contract-free with no data cap limitations. Below, we’ll take a closer look at Optimum as a company, break down their prices, tell you which plans we recommend, and answer the most frequent questions we hear from readers like you.

What to Expect from Optimum

If you’re lucky enough to live in Optimum’s small coverage area, you’ll be able to save money and still get fast internet speeds. Getting up to 300 Mbps for only $40 a month is something neither Cox nor Xfinity, two of the biggest cable internet providers, can compete with. AT&T is one of the few providers with a gigabit plan that will cost you less than the impressive Optimum deals do.

If you’ve had your fair share of internet providers, the rest won’t come as a surprise to you. Optimum offers free internet security, a router that can provide a strong Wi-Fi signal throughout your home, and free access to their public hotspots. I’m actually surprised that a regional provider like Optimum, one that’s only available in a small part of the U.S., offers free hotspot access. Usually, hotspot access is something only nationwide providers offer.

Let’s not forget, too, that there aren’t any data caps or contracts required for Optimum’s internet plans — these are some of the things I look for first when searching for a provider.

Since Optimum is mostly a cable internet provider, you should also expect to get speeds slower than what’s advertised at certain times. Cable internet speeds slow down, similar to how traffic does when everyone is going home from work. And it doesn’t matter who the provider is; cable networks can only handle so much congestion. That’s why Optimum’s high-speed tiers are worth considering. There’s more than enough room for your speed to slow down without making you feel like there’s a problem with your connection.

A Breakdown of Optimum’s Plan and Pricing

Optimum’s internet-only plans start at $30-50 per month, not including equipment and additional fees. The best way to compare a provider’s pricing is to look at its price per Mbps.

Plan Price Speed Price Per Mbps
Optimum 300 (cable) $30 Up to 300 Mbps $0.10 per Mbps
Optimum 500 (cable) $40 Up to 500 Mbps $0.08 per Mbps
1 Gig Fiber $50 Up to 940 Mbps $0.05 per Mbps

Optimum’s internet prices range from about $0.05-0.10 per Mbps. Optimum’s biggest competitors, Verizon Fios and Spectrum, charge more for slower speeds. In fact, most providers with plans as low as $40 per month either offer DSL plans or plans with speeds ranging from 50-200 Mbps, which comes out to be about $0.20-80 per Mbps. Of course, speed isn’t the only thing to consider when looking at a provider’s pricing.

Certain connection types can provide a more stable connection with slower speeds than others with faster speeds. Take Optimum’s fiber and cable internet, for example. Fiber is the best internet connection for cord cutters because it’s the most reliable. With fiber, you can get faster upload speeds than you could with cable internet, and your speeds will be much closer to (or even faster than) your plan’s advertised speed. Most fiber internet providers charge around $0.08-0.11 for gigabit speed. Some won’t even offer a gigabit plan if you don’t bundle.

Optimum gets extra points for its internet pricing due to its streaming-friendly features, which make it a great choice of internet provider for cord-cutters:

  • No contracts
  • No data caps
  • No early termination fees (ETFs)

Speaking of fees, all internet providers charge extra fees for things like equipment rental, installation, and activation. Most also have random one-off fees for Wi-Fi, network enhancements, and more. Optimum’s internet fees are on par with those of other cable and fiber internet providers when you look at them as a whole. If you decide to rent equipment from Optimum, you may be able to get standard installation for free. If not, expect to pay at least $99 to set up, plus an extra $13.50 per month for equipment and network enhancement fees.

Why Choose Optimum?

  • Optimum internet is ideal for:
  • People who don’t want to commit to a provider
  • The budget-conscious
  • Remote workers
  • Households streaming on multiple devices
  • People who are on-the-go

For one, you get to test drive their service with their 30-day money-back guarantee. You’re still able to cancel service anytime after that without paying an ETF. There aren’t exciting freebies like a free streaming subscription, but Optimum has features you may not realize you need.

You could pay for 1-2 streaming subscriptions with the money you save choosing Optimum over its competitors — especially if you rent the Altice One, which is Optimum’s all-in-one streaming device, modem/router, and cable receiver. Optimum and its sibling Suddenlink are the only providers with such a device. If you decide to bundle at some point, you’ll see even more savings since you won’t have to pay an extra equipment fee for a cable box.

Optimum’s smart router gives you better Wi-Fi coverage in your house while ensuring you are on the fastest network. I could go on, but it’s better if you read this year’s review of Optimum’s internet to see how Optimum’s smart router works and why I chose Optimum over providers like Verizon Fios and Xfinity.

Optimum Router and Modem
Optimum Router and Modem

Our Optimum Internet Recommendations

For an Internet-Only Plan…

It’s really a tough choice choosing the best Optimum internet plan. Overall, I recommend Optimum’s 300 Mbps plan. There’s more than enough speed to handle a large household, even when speeds slow down during peak network traffic hours. Having a contract-free plan makes it easier to upgrade speeds at any time and you don’t have to worry about hitting a data cap. If you’re a cord cutter living in the Northeast, or it’s your first time getting an internet plan of your own, the Optimum 300 plan is an excellent place to start.

For a Bundle Plan…

Bundle plans may make a comeback with there being so many streaming services now. If you’d rather flip through channels than streaming services, the Core TV and Optimum 300 bundle is a good deal. Most people pay closer to $75-90 per month for three streaming services and an internet plan. This bundle starts at $65 per month and will still give you access to channels the whole family will love (ESPN, Cartoon Network, TNT, MTV, and more).

Company Summary

Optimum is not new to the internet and TV market. Before 2016, Optimum was owned by Cablevision and marketed as Optimum by Cablevision. Altice, Optimum and Suddenlink’s parent company acquired Cablevision in 2016. There’s almost no difference between now and pre-2016, because Altice continues to push the Optimum brand name. The main difference you’ll notice is that new equipment falls under the Altice name, e.g., the Altice One cable box receiver, streaming device, and modem/router in one.

Some say Optimum services were better under Cablevision, but cable internet can only handle so much at the end of the day. Luckily, Optimum also has fiber internet at a price that most providers can’t beat.

The Good The Bad
  • Great internet deals for new and existing customers
  • Over two million public Wi-Fi hotspots
  • Free internet security powered by McAfee (when you use their equipment)
  • Free smart router
  • Contract-free plans with no data caps
  • Poor customer reviews
  • Availability limited to four states (NY, NJ, CT, and PA)
  • Subject to price increases during the promotional period
  • Limited number of plans

Frequently Asked Questions About Optimum

How much is Optimum internet?

  • Optimum internet-only pricing costs $40-65 per month, depending on your plan. Optimum’s cheapest package is the Core TV and Optimum 300 plan for $65 per month if you decide to bundle.

How to cancel Optimum internet

  • The best way to cancel your Optimum service is by contacting customer support. You may be required to call customer service, but it’s also good to handle this type of situation via chat or direct messages. You can screenshot the conversation in case your service doesn’t shut off when it should be.

Why did my Optimum internet bill go up?

  • Optimum can increase their prices at any time according to their fine print. You’ll typically get a warning at least one billing cycle before the change occurs.