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So, the time has come for you to finally cut the cord with Spectrum Internet. Surprisingly, more than a few people run into issues when trying to cancel Spectrum® internet.

The representative isn’t going to want to let you go, and even after canceling, customers report being repeatedly bothered by phone calls from Spectrum Internet agents trying to get them to sign up again.

Is it possible to cut ties with Spectrum Internet cleanly with no mess, no fees, and no callbacks?

Let’s get into it.

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Before You Cancel

It’s worth being open to negotiating with Spectrum Internet. While the standard Spectrum Internet pricing is what the company tends to stick with, we’ve seen people lower their rate when they negotiate — especially when they're armed with information about the latest Spectrum Internet deals. You may even want to take a glance at our review of Spectrum to see what we have to say about the service. But if you’ve absolutely had it, read on for our 4-step process to cancel Spectrum Internet.

Step 1: Reach The Spectrum Retention Department

The first step in the process is to get through the robot menu and reach the retention department. This is the department in charge of any downgrades or cancellations.

They are Spectrum’s last line of defense between you and the door to freedom.

Here is the number for cancellations: (833) 267-6094

After calling, you will be asked to provide the phone number associated with your account or the full account number. You will then listen to all of the options and choose the option for downgrading or cancellation.

Special note: avoid the other options on the menu such as billing as this may get you transferred to an overseas call center. If you accidentally press the wrong number, hang up and try again.

To finalize this step, you should ask the connected customer service agent to confirm that you have reached the retention department. If not, you can ask to be transferred there with a “warm transfer” so your call won’t accidentally be dropped.

Step 2: Prepare a Solid Excuse

Without a fail-safe excuse, you can expect that the Spectrum Internet agent will relentlessly try to keep you from canceling your service. If you simply say that you’re moving, they will ask “to what address?” Then, they will check to see if they offer services at that address and continue trying to sell you services or keep you from canceling.

If they aren’t satisfied with your excuse, they will probably be calling you back later in the week or month to try and get you back.

What you need to do is come up with an excuse that they won’t try to navigate around.

Step 3: Be Firm Yet Friendly

Sometimes, even with the best excuse, the agent may be required by company policy to insist that you stay. In this case, simply be friendly and firm that you are unable to stay with them and that they need to cancel your service and account.

You should remain friendly because customer service reps are only as helpful as they want to be. Ensure that your agent is as helpful as possible by remaining friendly. You may have to listen to various attempts to keep you; this includes discounts, promotions, among other sly tactics.

Simply stand your ground in a friendly way.

Step 4: Confirm Your Spectrum Internet Cancellation

As mentioned above, this step is important. You don’t want to spend 30+ minutes on the phone only to realize that your service was never canceled and that you have to call back and do it all over again.

Avoid this by asking the representative to confirm that your account is completely canceled. Alternatively, if you asked for it to be canceled on a certain date, confirm that they have the correct cancellation date.

You should also confirm with the rep whether or not you need to return any Spectrum Internet equipment. The best way to return equipment is to drop it off at one of their stores.

What if Spectrum Internet is The Only ISP in Your Area?

If Spectrum Internet is the only internet service provider in your area, cutting all ties with them might not be possible. However, we’ve heard of one customer going as far as using only his cell phone data hotspot to avoid having to keep his service with Spectrum Internet; so it’s possible.

If you don’t want to resort to the drastic measure of cutting off all wifi in your home, there are still other ways you can reduce your cost with Spectrum Internet.

“Cutting The Cord” With Cable

Cord-cutting is a failsafe way to reduce your monthly expenses. After all, what do you need cable for, anyway? Countless internet services like Netflix, YouTube TV, and Hulu can easily provide enough entertainment for your whole family, and you can share the account across multiple households!

Successfully Ending Your Relationship With Spectrum Internet

Follow the simple steps outlined in this article, and the past can be behind you in no time. Of course, if a lower price is all you need, it might still be possible with Spectrum Internet!