Spectrum is the company created after the merger of Charter Communications, Time Warner Network and Bright House Networks. Spectrum started out as Charter Spectrum, a division of Charter Communications. The other two companies were rolled into it in 2016. This internet service provider offers generous speeds with no data caps and transparent pricing. Instead of having many types of plans, they have one primary internet service that can be upgraded in certain markets.


  • Speeds sufficient for video streaming in most markets
  • Upgrades available for better speeds
  • Availability in 46 states
  • No data caps
  • One primary plan


  • May not have access to upgraded speeds in your market
  • Pricing goes up after the first year


Internet service providers are well-known for having an array of plans and bundles that can be confusing. You never know what to expect or whether you're going to get the speed that you want. The good news is that Spectrum handles things differently from other ISPs.

It doesn't matter where you are: Spectrum's internet package starts at $44.99 per month. This includes a free modem and anti-virus software. There are no data caps. The service's speed ranges from 60 Mbps to 940 Mbps, depending on your location. Even the slowest speed is enough to successfully watch plenty of videos on your network.

However, the news is not all good. Many customers complain that they rarely get the internet speed they were promised.

When you're traveling, you also have access to Spectrum's network of Wi-Fi hotspots.

Spectrum also has television and voice bundling available, if you'd like to go through the same company for all these services.

People using Spectrum internet for streaming are generally happy with the experience, especially since they don't have to worry about hitting any data caps that could get in the way of show watching.

Customer Service

The companies that make up Spectrum didn't have good customer service reputations before the merger, and that's unlikely to have changed overnight. However, the joint resources of these companies may end up making a difference once they've adjusted to this new organization.

However, it's rare to see an ISP have people speak positively about the overall customer support experience, so keep that in mind. One of the biggest issues mentioned are the wait times needed before someone answers your inquiry.

If you need help, you can reach customer support representatives through the website with online chat, social media, phone, and email. You can also find an in-person location if you need to talk about a complex issue. A self-service support portal filled with tutorials is available to guide you on basic matters.


Spectrum offers cable and fiber internet services to 46 states. Its reach puts it in the position as the second larger cable provider in the United States. The states that they have the most reach in include New York, California, and Texas. Most of their services are centered in urban areas and surrounding suburbs, although the merger of Time Warner Cable and Bright House Network expanded its reach significantly.


One of the nicest things about Spectrum is how straightforward the pricing is. You're not dealing with a major price hike because you're in the wrong location. Instead, the Internet speed that's available to you changes based on the infrastructure in the area. The $44.99 base price does go up after the first year. While you get an included router, you may want to upgrade to the Wi-Fi router for $5 per month.

It covers up to 200 Mbps. If you have higher speeds in your city, you can upgrade to 400 Mbps or 940 Mbps.

A 30-day money back guarantee makes it a simple process to try out the service and cancel if it ends up not meeting your needs. If you currently have another provider and are subject to an early termination fee, Spectrum goes up to $500 to buy out the contract so you can make the switch.

Installation fees vary from $9.99 to $49.99, depending on the complexity of the process.

The typical bundle saves you approximately $20 per month, although the exact amount varies based on the offers in your region.

Spectrum also makes low-income internet service available for a reduced fee for customers who meet the qualifications.


You don't need a contract for the Internet-only plan. However, your promotional pricing usually only stays in place for the first year. After that, you must pay the regular price. Since Spectrum is up-front about the total cost of Internet, you won't have surprises waiting for you.

Cancellation Policy

The internet plan does not have an early termination fee and you can leave Spectrum whenever you want. However, Spectrum is the only internet service available in some parts of its service area, so you may not have much of a choice even if you're dissatisfied with your service!


Spectrum is a desirable choice if you're looking for a broadband provider to stream videos. The minimum available speed is more than enough for enjoying your television shows and movies, and the straightforward pricing removes a lot of headaches from the equation. It's particularly worth it if you're in an area that offers Spectrum's upgraded speeds.