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A lean and affordable VPN
8 / 10  Review Rating

The internet is a bit like the Wild West: It’s expansive and exciting, but it’s also dangerous. And while there are some digital lawmen around to try and keep order, there are also plenty of sneaky outlaws who can’t wait to make off with your personal data. On top of that, your privacy is constantly being invaded by perfectly legal ad trackers. Fortunately, VPN services exist to help you encrypt your internet traffic, and Ivacy is one of them. But what makes Ivacy different from the rest of the VPN services you could choose from? Today, we’re taking a look at Ivacy to see what it does to help keep you safe online. We’ll talk about Ivacy’s features, the Ivacy pricing scheme, and more.

What Do I Get With Ivacy?

Ivacy VPN
Ivacy VPN

Like other VPN services, Ivacy will encrypt your traffic and run it through a VPN server in order to keep you anonymous. Ivacy has more than 2,000 servers in more than 100 different locations, so you’ll have a solid selection to choose from.

On top of that, Ivacy offers some other helpful features, including malware protection, an internet “kill switch” (to block your connection if the VPN server goes down), and unlimited bandwidth for downloads.

As we noted in our Ivacy review, Ivacy has one thing that sets it apart for streamers: a dedicated app for the media server platform Kodi. This could really come in handy for those who want to watch TV shows and movies abroad.

Ivacy Features

  • 2,000+ servers in 100+ locations
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Dedicated Kodi app

What Can I Watch Using Ivacy?

It may come as a surprise to you that streaming video services aren’t big fans of VPN services. Some VPNs let users bypass geographical content blocks and stream media from other countries. Because these video services usually make deals for the rights to stream in certain countries, a VPN can become a real headache for them. As such, it is against the terms of service for most streaming video platforms to use a VPN.

That hasn’t stopped a lot of VPN providers from touting this as a feature, though, including Ivacy. In fact, right on the company’s website, it boasts about how it can help users get around geo-restrictions to access Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, and Hulu. We investigated these claims in our Ivacy review.

How Private is Ivacy?

When it comes to VPNs, privacy is paramount. There are two dimensions to this: First, we want to know how secure we are when we’re using a VPN. Second, we need to know that our VPN service itself is not keeping track of us. Ivacy has strong protections on both fronts.

Ivacy supports a wide range of VPN protocols, including secure options that we recommend, like OpenVPN. VPN protocols determine how your data is transferred to and from the VPN server, and they’re not all created equal. Good VPN services will give you a few options for VPN protocols, and Ivacy does exactly that.

Ivacy has a strict no-logs policy. It’s also important to note that Ivacy is based in Singapore. If you’re a resident of another country, this might make the service appealing to you, as well. As it is based in another region, your own government might have more trouble watching your activity or trying to request information.

What Devices Does Ivacy Work On?

Ivacy works on many different platforms. The Ivacy software can be downloaded for Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. Mobile platforms like iOS and Android are also supported. There are plugins available for both Chrome and Firefox. Ivacy can even be configured to work with Android TV, Amazon Fire Sticks, Kodi, your Xbox One, and even some routers.

At this stage, it’s tough to find a platform that isn’t supported by Ivacy. For almost every platform we’d expect, Ivacy has an app or plugin at the ready.

You can use lots of these devices at once, too: An Ivacy subscription supports up to 10 devices connected at once.

How Much Does Ivacy Cost?

Ivacy’s month-to-month subscription option is one of the cheaper ones on the VPN market. You can get an even better deal by paying more upfront for a longer subscription. This is especially true of Ivacy’s five-year plan.

Plan Price Monthly Breakdown
One Month $9.95 $9.95
One Year $42 $3.50
Five Years $60 $1

As of this writing, a seasonal deal is offering five full years of service priced at just $60. That’s 60 months of service, so this means Ivacy is offering access for just $1 a month.

Deals on Ivacy

As of this writing, the best deal on Ivacy is the discounted five-year subscription, which costs $60. Like most VPN services, Ivacy offers deals pretty often — but this is quite a good one, and Ivacy could pull it at any time.

How to Get an Ivacy Free Trial

Like many VPN services, Ivacy does not offer a free trial period but does offer something almost as good: A 30-day money-back guarantee. If you sign up for Ivacy, you’ll have to pay — but if you’re unsatisfied, you can get your money back by canceling and taking advantage of the guarantee. Just make sure that you make your final decision within that 30-day window.

Does Ivacy Require a Contract?

Believe it or not, there are some VPN services out there that require you to sign a contract before getting started. Ivacy, fortunately, is not one of those providers. What you see is what you get in terms of the service’s various subscription packages. If you sign up for one month, you can pay for that month and then cancel at the end. The same goes for the one-year and five-year subscriptions. Sure, you will be out the money you paid upfront, but you won’t have any sort of early termination fee to worry about.

How to Cancel Ivacy

A lot of VPN services make it tough to cancel. Why? Because a lot of users have subscriptions, and the harder it is to cancel those subscriptions, the easier it is for a particular service to keep raking in money every month. It’s pretty underhanded, which is why it is always a breath of fresh air to see a company that makes canceling a simple process.

Ivacy sort of sits in a middle ground here. While you don’t have to bend over backward to cancel (by making a phone call, for example), the process does involve submitting a support ticket instead of, say, clicking a “Cancel” button. There’s no telling how long a ticket might take to get answered, so this doesn’t really seem like an ideal way to handle things.

To create your ticket to request a cancelation, you’ll need to log in to the member’s area, hover over support, click “support ticket,” and then click “create ticket.” From there, you’ll need to type out a request for your subscription to be canceled, then click “submit.”

Is Ivacy Right for You?

So what’s the verdict? Ivacy fared well in our full review process, but so did plenty of its competitors: We have good things to say in our reviews of Private Internet Access, NordVPN, and several others. Choosing between them will come down to how you plan on using your VPN service. Ivacy is best for users who want a simple and affordable VPN service. While it’s not packed with bells and whistles, it gets the job done — and at a very nice price, too.