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There's a streaming service for everything these days – even news, which was once one of the toughest things to get as a cord cutter. While major news networks like CNN and FOX News are still pay TV exclusives (though not cord-haver exclusives, as both are available through OTT skinny bundles), a new type of news network has sprung up to fill the gap. We're talking about Newsy, the free, short-form video news service that's available on everything from your iPhone to your Roku device. Here's our full review of Newsy.

User Experience

Newsy is very easy to set up. You sign in through Facebook, and you can pick your preferred topics from a short list. From there on out, Newsy will curate your news based on your selected categories. This doesn't give you an enormous amount of power to customize your experience, but it does allow you to block out chunks of news. For instance, I chose not to select “Entertainment” as a category, so my Newsy news feed doesn't include any celebrity or entertainment news.

Newsy on iOS
Choosing categories on iOS

You can add and reorder specific videos to customize your “watchlist,” though I didn't find myself using this feature very often. More specific category controls would have been a more useful feature.

We'll talk a bit more about the videos themselves in a minute, but it's worth noting here that they're very short – usually about a minute long. Each video autoplays after the last one finishes, so from a user experience perspective, things are very simple. You just hit play and watch your whole news feed unfold before you, video after video. Just expect the topic to change rapidly, since each video is only a minute or so long.

Newsy on iOS
The expandable categories menu on iOS

You don't have to rely on your own watchlist. You can also check out videos individually or watch videos in a single category, as shown above.


Newsy is primarily a content provider. There's no syndicated content here – it's all original reports from the Newsy team itself. The videos are very short – about a minute apiece – and cover a given subject in brief. The tone is conversational and explanatory.

The tone is quite casual (that “or anything” cracks me up) and the videos tend to rely on a lot of still images, though they're edited well enough to be fairly engaging.

There's nothing here that rivals the big cable news networks in terms of either production quality or original reporting. But the short, to-the-point videos are a nice way to catch up on major issues, and you won't see any talking heads screaming at each other. The point of the news is to inform, and Newsy does a decent job in that department.

Streaming Quality

I had no problems at all with streaming Newsy on any platform. Loading times ranged from very short to nonexistent. There are occasional ads in between the videos.


Newsy has great platform support. You can watch on iOS, Android, Chromecast, Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, and smart TVs from a variety of manufacturers. On top of that, it's available through skinny bundles and OTT multichannel providers like Sling TV, Pluto TV, and Watchable.


Newsy is ad-supported, so it's totally free. It is available as a channel on paid services like Sling TV, but there are plenty of other (free) ways to get it.


Newsy is less a streaming service than it is a standalone streaming channel. It's an original content creator, and it's a pretty good one. Newsy is not going to be breaking major stories or pushing the boundaries of journalism, but it represents an easy and effective way to stay informed in a fast-moving world. Its customization features didn't blow me away, but its platform support is great and it's easy to access it on a variety of platforms and services.

If I subscribed to Sling TV, I don't think I'd choose Newsy over CNN too often. But as a standalone app on my Roku, Newsy provides a nice way to make sure I'm caught up on the latest news stories. It's the perfect thing to put on while you do the ironing or when you're taking a quick break from work. It's free and useful, and it's worth checking out.

14 thoughts on “Newsy Review

  1. LiberTarHeel says:

    “If I subscribed to Sling TV, I don’t think I’d choose Newsy over CNN too often.”

    And that’s all you need to determine the reviewer’s bias.

  2. Joan Trafecanty says:

    I love Newsys. Is quick to the point and is real news without all the fake news. That’s the problem on the premium channels.

    1. Rita Arguello says:

      I like Newsy because it provide the information without overwhelming. It is simple effective.

  3. Terry says:

    I used to watch newsy and I liked it however I changed over to cbsn because a commercial that’s twice the volume and blows me out of my chair

  4. Bo Roberts says:

    Newsy TV not worth watching. Way too many commercials.

  5. Charles Kocian says:

    I really like your reporting, however, the little line of info you have streaming at the bottom of the screen, if you TRY you probably couldn’t make it smaller, I have slightly better than 20/20 vision and unless I am on top of the TV I can’t read it. I am not the only one. Make it larger or put it into the pooper. Really, really BAD. Chuck Please respond

  6. Richard says:

    It is so good to get a news stations that reports the news without bias slanted into the report. I pray that newsy survive because it is so refreshing to hear the news read without bias like CBS ABC NBC ,CNN,FOX. I say if they have and an opinion on a story do an editorial later. Do not tell the story with your bias slant as its fact. Thank you again newsy tv.

    1. Flora Grebe says:

      I agree with you Richard. I just found Newsy few days ago. I got tired of the bias other tv channels. I am glad to discover that there’s only one reliable channel I can listen and watch that is Newsy.

  7. Joe Becklun says:

    Many days the reports are 2 days behind. Also, today a female announcer named “Bleak”, or “Bleak” commented on the stimulus checks and stated they “are the first since 2018”, whereas the script stated “2008”.
    Stick with your local a.m radio.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Just the facts is great. Need the bulletins on breaking news as it happens . Just post tp look for it.

  9. Phillip says:

    Newsy is a pitiful example news reporting. No context, repetitive, limited content and dumb electronic noise.the computer generative beeping alone is enough to turn me off to this bland white bread excuse for news.

  10. David F. Shanley says:

    Lady who reports in the AM, her hair is a Hornets nest , a complete MESS

  11. Gary Sutherland says:

    I watch Newsy regularly and appreciate it’s generally neutral reporting. Today, January 2nd your newscaster made note of president Trump failing his mark of 20 million Covid vaccinations by the end of the year, but then immediately followed with Joe Biden promising 100 million vaccinations, in the first 100 days.
    Trump does not have anything to do with inventing the vaccine.
    I felt you slanted that story…

  12. Cora Vizcarra says:

    i used to enjoy the newsy news pre pandemic. It is terrible now. completely controlled by the the government. It is not for the people any more and the worst thing is they are spreading hate with racism.

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