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There's a streaming service for everything these days – even news, which was once one of the toughest things to get as a cord cutter. While major news networks like CNN and FOX News are still pay TV exclusives (though not cord-haver exclusives, as both are available through OTT skinny bundles), a new type of news network has sprung up to fill the gap. We're talking about Newsy, the free, short-form video news service that's available on everything from your iPhone to your Roku device. Here's our full review of Newsy.

User Experience

Newsy is very easy to set up. You sign in through Facebook, and you can pick your preferred topics from a short list. From there on out, Newsy will curate your news based on your selected categories. This doesn't give you an enormous amount of power to customize your experience, but it does allow you to block out chunks of news. For instance, I chose not to select “Entertainment” as a category, so my Newsy news feed doesn't include any celebrity or entertainment news.

Newsy on iOS
Choosing categories on iOS

You can add and reorder specific videos to customize your “watchlist,” though I didn't find myself using this feature very often. More specific category controls would have been a more useful feature.

We'll talk a bit more about the videos themselves in a minute, but it's worth noting here that they're very short – usually about a minute long. Each video autoplays after the last one finishes, so from a user experience perspective, things are very simple. You just hit play and watch your whole news feed unfold before you, video after video. Just expect the topic to change rapidly, since each video is only a minute or so long.

Newsy on iOS
The expandable categories menu on iOS

You don't have to rely on your own watchlist. You can also check out videos individually or watch videos in a single category, as shown above.


Newsy is primarily a content provider. There's no syndicated content here – it's all original reports from the Newsy team itself. The videos are very short – about a minute apiece – and cover a given subject in brief. The tone is conversational and explanatory.

The tone is quite casual (that “or anything” cracks me up) and the videos tend to rely on a lot of still images, though they're edited well enough to be fairly engaging.

There's nothing here that rivals the big cable news networks in terms of either production quality or original reporting. But the short, to-the-point videos are a nice way to catch up on major issues, and you won't see any talking heads screaming at each other. The point of the news is to inform, and Newsy does a decent job in that department.

Streaming Quality

I had no problems at all with streaming Newsy on any platform. Loading times ranged from very short to nonexistent. There are occasional ads in between the videos.


Newsy has great platform support. You can watch on iOS, Android, Chromecast, Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, and smart TVs from a variety of manufacturers. On top of that, it's available through skinny bundles and OTT multichannel providers like Sling TV, Pluto TV, and Watchable.


Newsy is ad-supported, so it's totally free. It is available as a channel on paid services like Sling TV, but there are plenty of other (free) ways to get it.


Newsy is less a streaming service than it is a standalone streaming channel. It's an original content creator, and it's a pretty good one. Newsy is not going to be breaking major stories or pushing the boundaries of journalism, but it represents an easy and effective way to stay informed in a fast-moving world. Its customization features didn't blow me away, but its platform support is great and it's easy to access it on a variety of platforms and services.

If I subscribed to Sling TV, I don't think I'd choose Newsy over CNN too often. But as a standalone app on my Roku, Newsy provides a nice way to make sure I'm caught up on the latest news stories. It's the perfect thing to put on while you do the ironing or when you're taking a quick break from work. It's free and useful, and it's worth checking out.

50 thoughts on “Newsy Review

  1. LiberTarHeel says:

    “If I subscribed to Sling TV, I don’t think I’d choose Newsy over CNN too often.”

    And that’s all you need to determine the reviewer’s bias.

    1. Lady says:

      Newsy is as corrupt as CNN you need to stop watching the fake news on tv

  2. Joan Trafecanty says:

    I love Newsys. Is quick to the point and is real news without all the fake news. That’s the problem on the premium channels.

    1. Rita Arguello says:

      I like Newsy because it provide the information without overwhelming. It is simple effective.

    2. Ron says:

      I waited months for newsy to come on in my area and on October 1st it arrived. I watched it for a few days off and on and I couldn’t be more disappointed. The newscasters could not be more snobbish and left wing I’ll be heading back to newsmax TV

      1. Kathy says:

        Agreed. Very disappointing.

      2. Anonymous says:

        Left wing!!! U gotta b kidding. Newsy is so right wing, most of the time.
        I am so disappointed. News should give a non-biased report.
        There was a News report that interviewed a Republican Minnesota Politician who was upset with President Biden for stopping copper and nickel mining. We are all sorry about the jobs that some could have. BUT more important is saving our water stores. Look at Google Earth, South America; look what mining has done to their lands. It is a sin. Who is prospering, the workers?? Hell no.. Not for long. The land is barren and poisoned.
        I believe even the miners in Minnesota would gladly give up those jobs to protect their children’s and their children’s lands.
        What do you think God thinks of people who destroy this beautiful earth. Do you think God would say ” it is OK, I will just make you another Earth cause I love you so much,” I believe God would be angry that humans destroyed our earth for short term gratification. Our water, clean air, and beautiful fertile lands are our greatest resources.
        That politician needs to use his brain to attract other busyness to that wonderful work force in northern Minnesota. What about harnessing the other forms of energy that don’t pollute our earth. We have the technology. Be brave… Those that start first, will come out way ahead of others.

      3. Joe says:

        Very left wing. Huge obvious agenda.

        Not interested!

  3. Terry says:

    I used to watch newsy and I liked it however I changed over to cbsn because a commercial that’s twice the volume and blows me out of my chair

  4. Bo Roberts says:

    Newsy TV not worth watching. Way too many commercials.

  5. Charles Kocian says:

    I really like your reporting, however, the little line of info you have streaming at the bottom of the screen, if you TRY you probably couldn’t make it smaller, I have slightly better than 20/20 vision and unless I am on top of the TV I can’t read it. I am not the only one. Make it larger or put it into the pooper. Really, really BAD. Chuck Please respond

  6. Richard says:

    It is so good to get a news stations that reports the news without bias slanted into the report. I pray that newsy survive because it is so refreshing to hear the news read without bias like CBS ABC NBC ,CNN,FOX. I say if they have and an opinion on a story do an editorial later. Do not tell the story with your bias slant as its fact. Thank you again newsy tv.

    1. Flora Grebe says:

      I agree with you Richard. I just found Newsy few days ago. I got tired of the bias other tv channels. I am glad to discover that there’s only one reliable channel I can listen and watch that is Newsy.

      1. Wes says:

        Yeah that’s all we need is another MSM channel that pushes the exact same big pharma 🐂💩, but I guess as long as you can’t tell what their political affiliation is it’s all good right?🤨🤔🙄🤦😞

    2. Mike says:

      Newsy was pretty unbiased when it started. But in the last two months has become really left wing. Never a harsh word against. Biden.

  7. Joe Becklun says:

    Many days the reports are 2 days behind. Also, today a female announcer named “Bleak”, or “Bleak” commented on the stimulus checks and stated they “are the first since 2018”, whereas the script stated “2008”.
    Stick with your local a.m radio.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Just the facts is great. Need the bulletins on breaking news as it happens . Just post tp look for it.

    1. Wes says:

      I think you meant just the same big pharma propaganda that MSM indoctrinates everyone with.

  9. Phillip says:

    Newsy is a pitiful example news reporting. No context, repetitive, limited content and dumb electronic noise.the computer generative beeping alone is enough to turn me off to this bland white bread excuse for news.

  10. David F. Shanley says:

    Lady who reports in the AM, her hair is a Hornets nest , a complete MESS

  11. Gary Sutherland says:

    I watch Newsy regularly and appreciate it’s generally neutral reporting. Today, January 2nd your newscaster made note of president Trump failing his mark of 20 million Covid vaccinations by the end of the year, but then immediately followed with Joe Biden promising 100 million vaccinations, in the first 100 days.
    Trump does not have anything to do with inventing the vaccine.
    I felt you slanted that story…

    1. Tomm says:

      You should admit that trump was the force behind it
      It has nothing to do how you think
      It’s ok to admit it
      Newsy reported correctly

  12. Cora Vizcarra says:

    i used to enjoy the newsy news pre pandemic. It is terrible now. completely controlled by the the government. It is not for the people any more and the worst thing is they are spreading hate with racism.

    1. I.R. Haynes says:

      We will all catch Covid if strict government Mandates are not Obeyed ASAP.

    2. Anonymous says:

      Very left agenda. This is not news!

  13. I. R. Haynes says:

    One announcer sounds like Fox news
    22 years young female, first name starts with B ends with A.

  14. Paul Gray says:

    Great approach to the news cycle but would be much better if company hired news anchors instead of interns

  15. APW says:

    Recently started to have access to this station. Commercials stated they reported both sides of the story drew my curiosity to watch. Disappointed to find this claim false and reporting the same old agenda as CNN and others.

    1. Lady says:

      Exactly! Just another liberal fake news station with a goofy name

  16. Jim S. says:

    I really like the fresh approach and not slanted reporting.
    Have been layed up with covid and have watched it for hours

    1. Marcia says:

      you are NOT reporting on both sides of the storys!!! All i have heard this morning is pro abortion!!! Please give equal time for RIGHT TO LIfe!!!!!!ITS SLANTED!!!!!

  17. Dave says:

    I refuse to watch something with such a ridiculous name. “Newsy”
    Who thought that was a good name for it?

  18. Chris says:

    The lady that talking about president Biden seems to lean towards the fact that cocos should be eradicated. Viruses don’t get eradicated. She’s says the cdc is confusing. Yes it’s always evolving. She’s quite bias obviously which you all claim not to be?

  19. DD says:

    I have enjoyed some news reporting on Newsy, especially some of the more in depth reporting on topics I want to learn more about. I was recently dismayed though by an in depth report by Christian Bryant on the teaching and availability of information concerning Critical Race Theory and other controversial topis – and efforts to suppress this information in varioius public education systems, libraries, etc. I did not disagree with what was reported, but felt is was incomplete. One sided. Balanced reporting on this topic and others should include some underlying information on why otherwise well intension people not in the public eye are uncomfortable with this information being taught or as they might see it, even promototed with impressionable young people. Where is the opposing point of view for the public to truly see and understand? Newsy has advertised itself as a balanced news source and until now I personally had not seen new stories on this news network that made me think otherwise. Very disapppointed. There needs to be at least a follow-on story addressing this. For those wanting to see a truly blanced view of what is going on in the world today, where do we turn to, to get news other than MSNBC, CNN, Fox News and now maybe Newsy?….

    1. Wes says:

      CRT is blatant racist indoctrination! Any reasonable person should want to keep that crap as far away from their children as possible!

  20. Anonymous says:

    I find it refreshing and unbiased. I’m glad there is an alternative without an ulterior motive. We can all use a break from the yelling at one another, and feeling frantic.

  21. Arktikice Frost says:

    Whatever objectivity they allegedly had seems to be gone. The first time I saw it, the first thing I see is the constantly-debunked gender pay gap nonsense. They were even pushy the “bossy” narrative. They seem to be on par with the likes of Vox.

  22. Dale says:

    I have been watching Newsy news quite a bit lately. I don’t understand why they need to put the same commercial about checking on getting more medicare benefits. They run this commercial every ten minutes. You can only listen to ” get more benefits NOW so may times. His voice is obnoxious. When that commercial comes on I automatically change the channel.

  23. Michael infidel says:


  24. Anonymous says:

    Why are they pushing racism? A woman remembers when she three and how she was given the cold shoulder and became a victim of racism. The stations name is Newsy not My Insecurities. Stop the division of our country and show us factual news on current events.

  25. Marcia says:

    you are NOT reporting on both sides of the storys!!! All i have heard this morning is pro abortion!!! Please give equal time for RIGHT TO LIfe!!!!!!

  26. Shirls says:

    I think Newsy is a good source of News. The only problem is the noise (belling ringing/music they have in the background. It drives me crazy. Can’t listen to it so I have to change the Chanel. Wish they would get rid of that back ground noise so I could concentrate on what they are saying.

  27. jane says:

    I just saw your coverage of the baby formula shortage. It disappointed me that you did not show the clip of all the formula that is down on the south border for the illegals are crossing over.

  28. Linda K says:

    Newsy is great. It is old fashioned journalism, just the facts as they are known, and (thank heavens) no constant debate, commentators, mind-numbing pro’s and con’s. PLUS, they cover pertinent and informative stories, and are not totally politically based. Newsy is a breath of fresh air!!!

  29. T. Pierce from Oklahoma says:

    The woman from Denver talking about homelessness today was far off. People have much more that keeping them homeless. I had a cousin that killed herself because of being homeless. I was notified by police to call the Coroner’s office on 8/10/22. No contact with them since the 11th for disposition of her belongings. she was educated, not on drugs or alcohol. She was an outspoken on homeless issues, even though she homeless due to a $1,000.00 per month income. She had autoimmune issues and could not be in homeless shelters because she could not risk getting ill from other people that would be there.

  30. Bruce Kaufman says:

    I watched Newsy for the first and last time this morning. I am always looking for an unbiased look at the news and I am sorry to say this is not it. I am a centerist and whether the reporting is bias to the left or right I don’t believe it to be news. Just commentary. I miss the reporters of old that just gave the facts and if they did interview Liberals or conservatives they Balance it and tried to get a Balance. My one fifteen minute try at watching newsy was a Nausiating display of left wing politics…. Maybe someday I will find something

  31. Sara valead says:

    Newsy started out..unbiased. now it is a bias station, half stories, only interview people they agree with. Will not watch any longer. Turned out like all other media stations. Too bad…all turn to greed sooner or later

  32. Beth A Medearis says:

    newsy is refreshing, slightly left of center, varied subject matter, available on my rabbit ears. sure beats the heck out of the F news station. watch every day.

  33. Ilene MacDonald says:

    You have started to shift towards the left with your “in depth” pieces. They border on mind bending.
    You’re going to lose people and I have been a faithful follower.

  34. Maggie says:

    I’ve watched newsy a few times.not excited about it .it seems pretty partisan to me don’t need another cnn,msnbc tmo

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