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Back in 2009, the satellite TV provider DirecTV added a rather useful feature to their digital services.

This feature is called ScoreGuide, and – in my humble opinion – I think it’s a feature that every sports fan should know about.

So if you’re wondering what DirecTV’s ScoreGuide feature is all about, and how it can help you to keep up to date with the latest sporting events that your favorite teams are taking part in, then this article is for you. you're welcome!

What is ScoreGuide?

ScoreGuide is DirecTV’s expanded sports coverage. It shows you all the latest scores from recent, current, and upcoming big games, and you can even customize it so that you can keep up with your favorite teams.

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It will pop up when you are watching most major sports channels on DirecTV. This includes national cable networks, regional sports channels, and DirecTV subscription sports channels in the 700 range which are used for sports subscriptions like NFL SUNDAY TICKET™, NBA LEAGUE PASS, and NHL® CENTER ICE®.

While scrolling sports scores have become standard – especially for networks like ESPN and ABC – ScoreGuide gives you instant access to any other sporting event in progress right on the screen, without having to wait for the information to scroll past.

DirecTV’s ScoreGuide feature is the perfect tool for people who want to keep up to date on other games on the side, while continuing to watch coverage of games that you’re currently interested in.

How Do I Use ScoreGuide?

Using ScoreGuide on DirecTV is simple. When watching any supported channel, you should notice a small red icon in the lower right corner. Simply press the red button on your remote and ScoreGuide should pop up beside what you are currently watching so that you don’t miss any of the action.

You can use your remote to navigate through the ScoreGuide menus, and you can even select “Watch Now” on any score to jump to coverage of that particular game.

If you want ScoreGuide to be more out of the way while still keeping up with scores from other games, you can simply minimize it to the bottom right corner of the screen by selecting the MINIMIZE option at the top of the sports selection menu.

ScoreGuide can even be customized to show how your favorite teams are doing. With the ScoreGuide menu open, simply look for the line that says “My Teams”. This is where you can set up what teams and leagues you’re interested in, which is great for cutting through the noise.

Do I Have to Pay Extra for the ScoreGuide Feature?

Here’s the great news – ScoreGuide is free for DirecTV customers who already have a modern receiver. Generally, this means any of DirecTV’s DVR or HD-DVR devices, but you may have to check your specific device for details.

If you have an older device that doesn’t support ScoreGuide, you may need to upgrade. All of DirecTV’s current range of receivers support the ScoreGuide feature, but to find the receiver that’s right for you, it’s worth checking out their receiver comparison page.

What Can I do if ScoreGuide Isn’t Working?

It can be frustrating when things go wrong, which is why I’ve put together some tips and advice to help you out if you find yourself running into problems with DirecTV’s ScoreGuide feature.

Like most digital features, you may have to wait a few seconds when first switching to a channel before you can use ScoreGuide while it gathers information. This is normal, and as long as you are patient you shouldn’t run into too many problems.

If, however, ScoreGuide has really gotten itself tied in a knot for some reason, you should try the following:

  1. Check your TV apps to see if ScoreGuide is installed. You can do this by pressing the right arrow button on your remote and checking that the ScoreGuide app is present. If it isn’t, try going to the app store at the top and installing it.
  2. Try resetting your device. Locate and press the small red button (usually either on the side of the receiver or on the inside of the access door). If this doesn’t work, or if your device does not have a red button, you can try simply removing the power cord from the device for 15 seconds.
  3. In extreme cases, you may need to do a full factory reset, although this will remove any preferences, playlists, and favorites you have saved. To factory reset your device, simply hold down the blue DirecTV power button on the front of your device for 20 seconds.

In some very rare cases, you may find that the above tips don’t help to resolve your issues. If this happens, be sure to check out DirecTV’s help center and get in contact with their customer support.

My View on ScoreGuide

Overall, I think ScoreGuide is a great DirecTV feature for anyone who loves their sports as much as I do. I find having the scores of our favorite teams right there on the screen while watching major sporting events like the Superbowl or the US Open Tennis to be really handy.

Sure, some major sporting channels have similar information built into tickers scrolling along the bottom, but the information you’re waiting for can be easily missed, and they don’t always show the information you really want.

With ScoreGuide, the scores I want to see are right there on the screen, and I can jump right to the game directly from the scores themselves with just a couple of clicks of the remote.

All of this is why I think that anyone who loves sports and who has a DirecTV receiver should check out this feature. I take no responsibility if you become addicted though!