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People immigrate to the U.S. for a variety of reasons, but the connection to your native land never changes. As you adjust to your new life, it becomes increasingly important to maintain a connection with your cultural roots. Something as simple as satellite television can offer Asian-American audiences an avenue to strengthen their cultural bonds and avoid those feelings of isolation that can arise over time.

International packages through DirecTV allow the viewer to stay up to date on current events in his or her home country as well as enjoy taking in dramas and comedies in his or her native language. Customers can watch programs from all around the globe with these packages that offer a wide variety of international channels to please everyone. They can be accessed by anyone who wishes to sign up.


Available for $19.99 a month, Filmy (DirecTV Channel 2008) gives you access to all the greatest of Bollywood. Filmy, a DirecTV exclusive channel, covers everything from movies and celebrity gossip to music videos and exclusive content.

This Hindi channel is based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, and was founded in 2006. Some of their original shows include: “Aaj Ki Filmy Khabar,” “Bathroom Singer,” “Bollywood Ka Boss,” “Filmy Hot Break,” “Filmy Stock Exchange,” “Kya Aap Paanchvi Fail Champu Hain?” “Meri Bhains Ko Anda Kyon Maara?” and “Rokkky’s 99.”

VietDirect Plus

For those with Vietnamese heritage, DirecTV provides a package to bring all the greatest entertainment to your TV. VietDirect Plus is $19.99 a month and comes with eight channels. Their line-up includes SBTN (2072), Viet Global Network (2073), Tai Seng Vietnam (2074), Vien Thao TV (2035), Vietface TV (2033), Little Saigon Radio (2077), HONVIETV (2038), and TViet Network (2079). DirecTV also allows you to just add SBTN for $14.99 per month.

  • SBTN is the first 24-hour Vietnamese language channel in the U.S. It provides programing for history, news, culture, children, sitcoms, and much more. HONVIETV is home to Tro Chuyen Cung Ngoc An, who takes audiences into a variety of social subjects such as history, politics, and entertainment.
  • Vietface TV features Van Nghe Thuy Nga, which reviews outstanding performances from famous Vietnamese-American celebrities.
  • Vien Thao TV’s flagship show is Loi Hay – Y Dep, a cultural talk show that features Hong Dung and Khanh Dung. They sustain beautiful Vietnamese literary practice through remarkable idioms, proverbs, and legendary phrases.

Base Package

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To subscribe to South Asian satellite service from DirecTV, a customer must first order a subscription to either an English or Spanish based package. Many people find this provides the best of two worlds since this option allows you to receive television programming from your native country, as well as the best TV programming America has to offer. You can select as few or as many channels as desired and the purchase price is typically very competitive with local cable companies. All packages require a 24-month commitment.

Your most economical choice is DirecTV BASIC, but any package available through DirecTV can work. DirecTV BASIC usually remains the same price throughout the 2-year commitment and includes more than 100 channels, including local and music channels.

If you’re looking for more English programming, you can opt for the PREFERRED CHOICE package. With the PREFERRED CHOICE, you get more than 150 channels plus extras like a free Genie upgrade, and HBO, STARZ, CINEMAX, and SHOWTIME included for the first three months. However, watch out with this one because prices increase from the $20 range to the $50 range beginning on month 13 through the end of the 2-year commitment.

DirecTV has many more package options as you increase in price. The most expensive package is $125 a month for the 12 months with up to 325 channels. To learn more about the package options, visit our DirecTV deals guide.

For the American or Asian-American business owner, competitively priced business packages are available, and it is a widely known fact that utilizing this type of cable programming will attract more business associates and customers. Whether you’re operating an office, restaurant, or hotel, DirecTV has packages to meet you and your customers’ needs starting at just $19.99 a month. To learn more, visit DirecTV for Business.

Save with Bundles

If you’re looking to save even more, DirecTV and AT&T services can be bundled for a lower price. Whether you need a home or cell phone, internet or TV, you can get all your services combined into one low rate that meets your needs.

By bundling DirecTV and AT&T Internet, you can lock in your price for two years. Starting at $80 a month, including fees for HD DVR services, these affordable packages help you get more bang for your buck. If you’re more interested in bundling your cell phone plan with your DirecTV, you can save $25 a month with their Unlimited mobile plan.

New customer deals make it affordable to get the right South Asian programming at a low price. Details of the installation will be discussed and a convenient time for the customer will be decided upon. After the package has been ordered and installed, you can be sure to maintain that contact with your roots through the culture and news of your native land.