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Yes, DirecTV carries the YES Network, with dedicated coverage of the New York Yankees. It is found on channel 631 with a high-definition option for customers who have the corresponding receivers or DVRs.

Aside from DirecTV, other national providers that have the YES Network include AT&T Uverse, Time Warner Cable, and Verizon FiOS TV. RCN also airs YES in Washington DC Metro area; Chicago, Illinois; Boston, Massachusetts; and Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania.

Does Dish Carry the YES Network?

Dish does not currently carry the YES Network.

Like most disputes, this issue revolves around money. While many major cable and satellite providers have carried the YES for several years, Dish Network continues to balk at the carriage fees being asked by the YES Network. Due to this, many Yankee fans have been compelled to switch to other providers carrying YES. YES is available from a variety of other providers in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut aside from DirecTV.

New York Yankees in YES

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The YES Network continues to command an outsized viewership propped up mainly by the large fanbase of one of the most-celebrated and much-decorated sports team sports club in the world — the New York Yankees.

For the first half of 2017, YES Network in fact reported that total viewership for game telecasts of the Yankees went up 57% compared to the same period the preceding year, record growth in the last five years. The YES Network also said it has reached 5.5 million viewers, which translates to over 39% of households in New York.

The Nets and NYCFC in Yes

In addition to the Yankees, YES also covers the NBA’s Brooklyn Nets and Major League Soccer’s New York City FC.

Additional YES programming includes shows like CenterStage with Michael Klay, which features live sit-down interviews with sports and media personalities; and the four-time Emmy-winning Forbes SportsMoney, which tackles trends in sports business.

YES also televises ACC basketball, football, and other sports, as well as Big East basketball games. The channel also airs Manchester City’s English Premier League, FA Cup, and UEFA Champions League games.

Each year, YES Network broadcasts over a hundred live regular season Yankee games, and several spring training games as well. Games not in YES can often be seen on national TV, either ESPN or FOX in most cases.

Yes Through MLB Extra Innings and NBA League Pass

If you live outside of the main areas of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania where YES is primarily available, is it still possible to watch the Yankees and Nets through YES? The answer is a qualified yes. The channel is actually prohibited from airing Yankees and Nets games outside of the team’s local viewing area in light of league blackout restrictions. This limitation was put in place to protect the local television rightsholder in the home market.

But of course, all is not lost.

Yankee fans in out-of-market areas could still watch live games by getting in touch with their television service provider to purchase MLB Extra Innings. Another option is to subscribe to MLB.TV to watch the storied 27-time World Series champs all season long.

Brooklyn Nets fans could contact their providers to subscribe to the NBA League Pass or the NBA League Pass Broadband.

The MLB Extra Innings package and the NBA League Pass cost around $200 each a season.