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One of the best things about satellite television is that you can subscribe to foreign language programming. No matter where in the world you come from, Dish Network and DirecTV offer terrific packages that bring programming to you in your native tongue.

Today, I take a look at what channels are available through the Dish Network’s Filipino package.

The GMA Pinoy Package

While many cable companies carry plenty of Spanish language programming – and even Chinese in some parts of the country – you won’t find much Filipino programming on cable.

If you’re looking for Filipino programming in the United States, the Dish Network’s GMA Pinoy package is one TV package you shouldn’t ignore.

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Dish Network’s international programming allows you to either add the GMA Pinoy package to one of the Dish Network’s core English packages – such as their “America’s Top 120” package – or to one of their core international packages like “International Basic”.

With either DirecTV or Dish Network, you have access to this programming in your native language, and best of all it is affordable. No need to spend and arm and a leg to get quality Filipino TV no matter where you live in America, as Dish typically have a good deal going on when it comes to these international bundle packages.

Of course, you may be asking yourself – “what sorts of channels does this package include?”

That’s an excellent question, so let’s take a look.

TV channels

The GMA Pinoy TV (GMAP) channel appropriately heads up the GMA Pinoy package and was the first international channel to be created by the GMA TV Network. This channel broadcasts top-rated Filipino shows that cater to the whole family. This includes the latest news, variety shows, sitcoms, soap operas, and talk shows from the Philippines.

One of their top shows is “Eat Bulaga!” – a variety show which features a great mix of games, contests, sketches and production numbers that are extremely popular in the Philippines, and which has been running since 1979.

GMA Pinoy’s other top shows include public affairs program “24 Oras”, and the popular drama series “Trops”.

The GMA Life TV (GMAL) channel is the second international channel from GMA which offers a premium mix of programming. Here you will find programs featuring Filipino people and lifestyle, including movies, sports, reality, news, comedy, cooking, drama, travel, talk, and fashion.

Some of their top shows include newscast “Balitanghali”, entertainment show “Reel Life”, and cooking show “Quickfire: 10-Minute Kitchen Wonders”.

Radio channels

DZBB “Super Radyo” is the GMA Network’s AM radio station in the Philippines. Based in Quezon City and one of the top-rated AM stations in Manila, it is recognized as one of the most awarded radio stations in the Philippines. No video is offered here, but the content certainly keeps you “on the ground” with the latest from home.

Shows include “Old Time, Good Time”, “Wanted Sweetheart Nationwide”, and “Bida sa Barangay Nationwide”, while the team includes Lala Roque, Jimmy Gil, Melo del Prado, Manolo Favis and Rose Clores.

DWLS “Barangay LS” is the final channel found in the GMA Pinoy Pack. Like DZBB, this is an audio-only FM station. Formerly known as Campus Radio, popular songs and Filipino music head up the programming.

Top shows include “Potpot and Friends”, “Balita sa Barangay”, and “Hoy! Pinoy”. These are hosted by some great radio hosts, such as Mama Belle, Papa Jepoy, Ate Liza, and the frankly rather lovely Chikotita.

Other Dish Network Features

As well as the channels mentioned above, Dish also has a number of other features that are worth thinking about when deciding which provider is best for you.

For starters, the “Dish Anywhere” feature allows you to watch all of the channels you are subscribed to – including the channels in the GMA Pinoy package – using your tablet, laptop, or even your smartphone. Perfect for taking your TV with you for when you’re on your lunch break, or for those long car journeys with the kids (with a decent mobile broadband connection at least).

Another useful feature is their “Hopper DVR” which allows DVR recording, as well as the ability to watch and record up to 4 different channels in different rooms at the same time. This is a great feature if your family finds themselves constantly fighting over the remote.

Oh, and did I mention that the “Hopper DVR” also supports external USB hard drives if you find yourself running out of recording space? That’s always a bonus, especially with multi-terabyte drives being so affordable these days.