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6 / 10  Review Rating

There's a lot of free content on the internet – if you know where to find it. But moving from site to site to snag one or two free episodes here or there is time-consuming and annoying. SelectTV is a service that sets out to solve that problem. SelectTV essentially acts as an in-browser media center app, directing traffic across a wide web of free content. Here's our review of the service.

User Experience

SelectTV interface

SelectTV isn't a content provider, so all of the value it adds is in the user experience. The idea behind SelectTV is a great one: put all of the internet's free video content in one place, and make it as easy to navigate as Netflix or Hulu.

SelectTV interface (2)

When you log in, you'll be greeted by a screen full of content to watch. You can sort all of this content by genre, decade, and more, or you can search. Once you find a show or movie you're interested in, you can click it to see where on the web it's available for free. Once you click on the link you want, SelectTV's job is done: you'll get a pop-up from the site that hosts the content in question, and you'll be watching it there. You won't find a “Streaming Quality” section in this review, because SelectTV has no role in the actual streaming.

All of this functionality is packaged into a pretty pleasant user interface. Navigation is pretty simple. It would be nice if the videos were embedded, but that's a lot to ask for given that SelectTV is drawing from so many different sites.

The user interface isn't super customizable, but you can select favorites and add some premium subscriptions (like Netflix) into your home screen.

You can change a slider to enjoy “free content” or “all,” but SelectTV seems to consider free-with-authentication to be “free,” which kind of undermines its claim to be the ultimate cord cutting tool.

Despite your subscription fee, you'll see ads on SelectTV's navigation screen.


SelectTV doesn't have content of its own – instead, it aggregates content from a bunch of other free services. As you might expect, SelectTV draws a lot from network channel websites that make a couple new episodes of each show available at a time. The result is a very large catalog of titles, but a relatively meager selection of episodes. You'll find a lot of shows you want to watch, but you won't be able to binge watch too many of them.

SelectTV is focused on free content, but it does allow you to add premium subscriptions. Ideally, the service acts as a hub for all of the content you have access to (either for free or via subscription).

In addition to TV show episodes and movies, SelectTV offers live channels, radio stations, and more.


Right now, SelectTV is only available in your browser. That means there's no app for Roku or Fire TV – which makes some sense, considering that aggregating all of your content options is pretty much what the Roku and Fire TV operating systems already do. Still, it would be nice to see a little more platform support.


SelectTV costs $2.99/month. That price is purely for the content aggregation role, remember – SelectTV has no content of its own.

SelectTV is a brilliant idea, and it's executed pretty well. The price seems a little steep for what it is, but it's very nice to have all of the web's free content at your fingertips, particularly if you're not a big binge-watcher. Of course, thanks to limited platform support, it's only really useful if you use a PC as your primary entertainment device. If you are a media PC owner with money to spare, it's worth checking out this service.

134 thoughts on “SelectTV Review

  1. Avatar Thomas Peterson says:

    What exactly do you get? Is it only available on a smartphone?

    1. Avatar Frank says:

      Select TV now has a Fire TV app. You will have to hunt for a bit to find it.

  2. Avatar Larry says:

    Tell them it only works in the city limits
    not 100 miles away.

    1. Avatar Tonya Story says:

      So living in the country it will not work?

      1. Avatar bonnie scott says:

        NO, we only got 1 channel.

      2. Avatar Melba says:

        So if I live out of the city limits it wont work then like out in the country

        1. Avatar Anonymous says:

          It should work fine from that close. I live about 20 miles away. I need real antenna not a glorified coat hanger.

          1. Avatar Smokey says:

            Does it eat up all your data when you use these TV apps to watch movies

    2. Avatar Rf says:

      Works off internet streaming app

    3. Avatar Gigi says:

      Do y’all have internet

    4. Avatar Anonymous says:

      Probably not even over 10 miles since it is only a 20 dollar hung of metal. A good antenna will cost about $50-80 and even those are solid for less then 30 miles. You will pick up stations 30-60 miles but only certain times of day. Anyone claiming over 65 miles is lying because of the earths curvature over that distance. I have had an HD antenna since 2012. PS – 4k Broadcast TV does not exist yet.

  3. Avatar Michael Mills says:

    I could not find a number that connects you with a person to talk to. All recordings

    1. Avatar Fredward Benson says:

      Yeah who can afford to pay customer service reps when you’re charging 1.66/mo?

  4. Avatar peter waterman says:

    the antenna thay show you will pick up local stations some what ive tryed them all youll get at best 14 to fifteen channels of over the air free broadcast networks and from a tv antenna installer there is no such thing as hd you have uhf and vhf

    1. Avatar Anonymous says:

      HD but not UHD

  5. Avatar Gearie Bowman says:

    I still use my regular TV sets and converter boxes. I don’t and can’t afford streaming or cable services. I’m on fixed income. What other cost and/or circumstances are involved with this service(s)? Do I have to subscribe to any internet service carrier after I purchase your product(s)?

    1. Avatar Frederick netterwal says:

      I will need internet access, and Wi-Fi routers

      1. Avatar cynthia carroll says:

        This is interesting to me as I have cut my cable but I still only get 15 channels. Do you need internet for this connection or is it free with this?

        1. Avatar bonnie scott says:

          You will need internet.

          1. Avatar Anonymous says:

            Which uses a CABLE. It is all a con!

        2. Avatar AL. says:

          You need internet for it to work. The 15 channels you have now, are the local channels you get over the air through your antenna.

    2. Avatar Carol Meiring says:

      yes, I did see you need internet to use this to get all the movies and shows

    3. Avatar CJ says:

      U need the internet to receive you tube.

    4. Avatar jimmy jenkins says:

      This select tv is a scam don’t get it

      1. Avatar Joe says:

        Agreed. It’s terrible. It’s marketed as a TV product but imagine my shock when I was told by online support that it wouldn’t work with my TV and would only work on a mobile, tablet or PC. You can buy expensive additional hardware to use a mirroring technique to have it work on your TV (unless you have a fairly new monitor) but it still has to go through a mobile, tablet or PC first. The antenna provided only gave me 25% of the channels I already received with my original antenna. You need an RMA form to return it which they wouldn’t provide me. I tried for a month to get it to work before I finally gave up. Lost $25 on the deal and will never do that again.

        1. Avatar Kelli says:

          If you want to watch ANYTHING that is streaming over the Internet on your TV, you have to have a way to get it there…whether it is just to surf the web, watch movies, etc. You can use a newer smart tv that has wifi built-in or you can “cast” it from your mobile device to the tv, or you can have a computer/laptop that connects via HDMI cable. I have been doing the HDMI for years.

      2. Avatar Doc says:

        Yes I Agree Jimmy, It Is A Scam!! I Have Fire Sticks, If You Want 100% Free Tv, I Think You Can Also Watch These On A Computer. Pluto Tv Is Very Good & 100% Free, Tubi Is Free, Roku Channel Is Free. Crackle, XUMO, Popcornflix, Fawesome & Many More If You Search. I Watch Pluto Alot, It Has Storage Wars, Cops, Dog The Bounty Hunter, 1’st 48, Mountain Men, Duck Dynasty, Rescue 911. Just To Name A Few, It Also Has On Demand Swamp People, Etc. Etc. The Only 2 I Have Downloaded On My Fire Stick Is IMDb TV, It Came On The Fire Stick. & Pluto. But If Your A Sports Fan, Don’t Know If There Is Sports On Those Others. Pluto A Few, But Not Local Football, Nothing That’s Interesting To Me.. Hope This Helps Someone!!!

    5. Avatar Jo says:

      Select TV does not work unless you have CABLE, MODEM, ROUTER AND A COMPUTER OR SMART PHONE. The computer or smart phone MUST be wired into the TV for Select TV to work. In other words you cut no cables, you add more cables!

      1. Avatar rodney fair says:

        They have a app for your firestick and my android box…ipuchased it ..will get it today or friday..hope it wasnt waste of $20 ..will see

        1. Avatar Anonymous says:

          it was.

      2. Avatar DianeChavez says:

        why do they say select TV is free if you have to pay something to get it?

        1. Avatar Manny says:

          Selectv is a scam. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to buy it. You buy it for 1 year, and they charge you for 4 years. Forget getting your money back.

      3. Avatar Anonymous says:

        Hi Jo, what do you mean by “CABLE”? Are you referring to a subscription to a cable company?

        I thought all you needed was access to internet?

        Also, a computer / laptop can be connected to a TV via HDMI, so you can watch programs on your TV screen.

        1. Avatar Kelli says:

          Access to Internet may be had in several ways, such as paying for Internet service-only from the local cable company. However, in this scenario, you do not have to buy cable to watch their programming. These are two different services offered by local cable companies. No matter what, you will have to pay for Internet service no matter who you purchase it from if you want to watch any shows that stream on the Internet. So in this case, you pay will pay for your Internet service and SelectTV streaming. The term “cutting the cord” is misleading and refers ONLY to no longer paying for the cable company’s programming. Also, over the air local digital TV is available to everyone as long as they have an antenna connected to the TV and has absolutely nothing to do with Internet service.

    6. Avatar Rf says:

      Requires internet

    7. Avatar Anonymous says:

      Yes. Sorry.

  6. Avatar becky says:

    purchased it. have not received it. call phone number they tell you they will call back. cannot speak to anyone. just messages when you call them.

  7. Avatar Patricia Smith says:

    Very misleading you have to pay for everything you put on there they suck what’s the time you can’t get anybody on the phone and their support team doesn’t know anything

  8. Avatar Carol Meiring says:

    Well I saw it on tv and besides a regular antenna for the local channels, I’m pretty sure you need the internet so you can stream all the movies and things. That’s what I got from the commercial.

  9. Avatar robert wells says:

    still have not recievrd mine its been two weeks.

    1. Avatar Ginger says:

      I received my package today. I opened it and instead of the antenna advertised on TV, I found a small, cheap flat antenna with a short cord that won’t even reach to the window from my television. (Also, I ordered two antennas, but only received one.)

      The ads make it appear that you are going to get this special antenna that will pull in more channels, when in fact I get far fewer channels with this cheap antenna than I do with my old one. Anyway, I don’t understand why they included an antenna at all since the majority of shows, or maybe all of them, have to be received over the Internet anyway. … And I only have mobile hotspot. Limited internet.

      Even worse, after installing the SelectTV app, I’ve lost at least half of my air channels that I had before with my old antenna, and I’m unable to get them back.

      1. Avatar Anonymous says:

        Since it cost them $2 and they charge you $20. They make $18 off scamming you.

  10. Avatar Sandra Dorman says:

    the code I scratched off does not work. message says code has expired. just got code in mail. customer support is basically non-existant. all you get is recordings. no one to speak to. i hope i can get my money back.

    1. Avatar H says:

      just contact the credit card company to get your money back

    2. Avatar Aaron says:

      I hope everyone realizes that things that seem too good to be true typically are…. Steer clear from this service. Spend your hard earned money on something better. Good luck!

  11. Avatar ed says:

    Will I get (ABC< CBS<NBC<CNN<MSNBC<FOX} as local stations?

    1. Avatar Jeff Aschliman says:


    2. Avatar Person says:

      No, CNN and MSNBC are basic cable stations. The rest you get though.

  12. Avatar ed says:

    I just want local news and maybe TCM, food network and HGTV type stuff. Will this give it to me?
    I don’t understand any of this stuff. OLD senior

    1. Avatar Corey smith says:

      Do yu get all the thousands of channels and movies like it said on the commercial?

    2. Avatar Mary says:

      I live in a area with only 21 local channels. I used an antenna which range 50 miles and it works well I do have the internet WiFi and I joined amazon prime with an annual fee of $119. If you have an older tv buy a amazon fire stick and follow the instructions for getting amazon prime for free movies and a lot other option. I did buy a 55 inch Sharp smart Tv. Amazon fire stick is built, then the prompts on the tv to get amazon, the remote has amazon on it to switch to regular tv or amazon. On the smart tv I get XUMO which have 100s of streaming: news, movies, comedy, etc. Hope this help

    3. Avatar Zach says:

      I never got the email to verify my account., so I can’t log in !

    4. Avatar GUCCI23490 says:

      If you contact your wi fi supplier, ATT has a program called ACCESS. Its for people on a fixed income. They only charge $10 for their internet service. I have it. It works just like the $60 one. All you have to do is ask for the application, fill it out, send them a copy of the AWARD letter and you get it. It also works if you are on public assistance.

  13. Avatar David Neuman says:

    Don’t waste your time on this product. Good luck trying to talk to a person about issues with this product. It’s a scam!

    1. Avatar DM says:

      it says in the terms and conditions, that you have to read- “we have no obligation to provide support services with select tv”

      1. Avatar Bobby Russell says:

        I am so grateful to have read 99 percent of the reviews here and I have a great thank you for you all for the warnings you have provided me, THANKS A MILLION, so glad I didn’t buy it!

  14. Avatar Bobbie Scott says:

    I ordered select tv everything I wanted to watch need subsrition. Did not get but one antenna no CD no book.I paid for 5 years.Bunch of junk.Do not offer this.I live on fixed income they showed not even one regular t v show on mine God help this company they better refund my money.there was only like 10 channels on the guide sorry comps y

    1. Avatar H says:

      Just contact you credit card company and they will return your money.

      1. Avatar Ginger says:

        Thank you for the tip! This is nothing more than a scam and a hoax, and I’m embarrassed I didn’t check it out more thoroughly before ordering.

        I’m going to check with her I can file a complaint With the FCC about this.

    2. Avatar AL. says:

      Hey Bobbie Scott,
      Do you have WIFI (high speed wireless internet) in your house, because from your message I get that you only got 10 channels…. these are the free channels you pick up with the antenna. If you want your streaming content, you need the internet. As soon as you set up your system (scratch off card with activation nr) on your computer, and you have to have a smart TV that can connect to the internet. Otherwise it doesn’t work. Good luck…..

      1. Avatar Arthur Cruz says:

        TV’s don’t have an ethernet ports on them. Internet polling enters via the modem out to computer, multiplex’s with the ISP (internet service provider) then out thru a balanced HDMI cable into whatever digital TV (small or big…no difference) you may use. The antenna may be considered an analog/digital device because it’s range is limited to range in miles and surrounding interference. Acts as a receiver and demodulates digital signals processed within the TV’s architecture. The more expensive the TV, the better the digital architecture thus provides more channels. Of course, the faster and larger the bandwidth input limit increases your download streaming activity ($$$ to internet service providers) for better quality and performance. You get what you pay for.

  15. Avatar Bobbie Scott says:

    Sorry company no CD no book only one antenna could not find one channel bunch of junk and I pd. For 5 years.I hope this company gets its karma

  16. Avatar Bobbie Scott says:

    Good luck I could not get no channels senior citizen also.This is a scam.Can not get hold of anybody.I paid for 5 years

    1. Avatar stan says:

      they are very unprofessional and is not customer friendly

      1. Avatar Anonymous says: I have traymany difernt way to activate it doesn’t work I download the app it doesn’t work ideri tray for support don’t get none to respondnolive chatno call back I call my bank they refund my mony I stopjus on time if I don’t any body to respond I imidiatly I all my bank to stop the payment for the transaction and get my money back follow this step befor porches because this is the way you don’t get scam ihop thi is helpfully

    2. Avatar H says:

      Just contact you credit card company and they will return your money.

    3. Avatar Boss Mann says:

      “Could not get no channels,” means you get channels. Double negative.

      1. Avatar K says:

        OMG, give the senior citizen a break!!

      2. Avatar Anonymous says:

        I have heard worse grammatical errors on commercials and news channels. You understand what they meant.

  17. Avatar Wil says:

    Thanks, I will stick with cable.

  18. Avatar debbie Rico says:

    doesnt seem like very good reviews i think i will just stick with free tv and internet

  19. Avatar Craig says:

    I seen their commercial and I just laughed. Yea sure! My Phillips antenna picks up 47 channels. Same thing with power stick commercial. A regular antenna is all you need. Misleading everyone.

    1. Avatar Boss Mann says:


      1. Avatar RG says:

        You need fast internet to get all the streaming channels on select tv and the small antenna they send you for 4.95 only works near a big city but you can walk into any wal mart or order on line and geta small antaean package that has a roto and 50 foot of cable a inside box to boost the digital tv channels all for 50.00 and yes in 2019 and 2020 any good tv antenna with a inside box to boost the digital signel will pick up 25 to 30 channels up to 75 miles away near Martinsburg wv I pick up 28 channels each channel has 3 to 7 sub channels like ch 5 in dc has metv and yes the signel works good I tried all of wal marts better antennas up to 100.00 and they failed the one that looks like a small antenna with fins and a roto its cheap looking—-but pikcs up 28 channels x 3 or more that over 100 channel no kidding that little box that hooks up inside to the plain cable wirte to the antenna that box boots the signel and I unplugged it and got just 12 channel then pluged it back in and that small cheap box and antenna picks up 28 channels x 3 that’s over 100 yes itsa loy of pbs but u also get cbs abc fox and cable channels like grit antenna tv me tv—not kidding yes —it has again 50 foot of cable a inside roto and booster box and the antenna anda mounting pole for only 49.00 at wal mart and youc an oder on line if local store sells out and yes—it works good its cheap and you could afford to replace it every 2 years and still====save a lot from not paying for cable—-keep the cable internet—drop all the tv and cable tv boxes and sign up for a cheap internet voip telephone provide with ant good antenna the digital comes in better then the cable tv channels why—cable tv have to compress 1,000 channels and that lowers the cable tv picture quality
        Again slect tv works best—with high speed cable internet—–keep your cable internet geta roku box and put up this antenna from wal mart and save enough for a nice tv or a 2nd car——up to u all I have cable internet and this wal mart antenna set for 50.00 anf it picks up good—–why does this work now in 2020???? All the tv stations had to install new large higher digital antenns again in 2019 and 2020 because they needs to give GOV back ch 1 2 3 so they put up the new towers not the requested 20 eatra feet—-they had to pull down the tv towers they put up just 10 yuears ago in 2019 by 2023 all tv towers requied a up grage so—what did the tv stations do????—-they put up the new towers 50 to 100 feet higher so they will never again have to pull them down to upgrade—end result is—–I live din my home 24 years since I built it in 1996—back then I got less then 9 tv channels—-now in 2019 and 2020?? I get 28 to 31 channels x 3 that’s over 100 channels—-wowo plus—even thro this tv antenna has a cheap rotor to turn it—-I tried it towards my mail box and got al channels —when I tried to turn it all around it lost channels so—-I do not use the rotor at all ——-I got very luckey all them channels from dc and balitmore and wash dc all them come in good in one place again my area is Martinsburg WV
        I took ny cheap antenna over to Hagerstown MD to my brothers home and hooked it up and he got 28 channels too x 3 that’s over 100 so it works in MD too both of us are about 65 yo 75 miles from the main tv channels and all come in clear and better then cable—-Not kidding either—youc an get them 150 mile antennas off e bay or amazion—-they all look like my cheap wal mart antenn with 50 foot of cable and a inside roto—booster box I again got thids at wal mart and since then 10 people I know did same thing and love it—-you can sue any antenna that has a booster box to boost the antennas signel—-if no booster box—you will get less channels—–good luck—-RG WV near MD Line 6-23-2020

        1. Avatar JW says:

          Use as little cable as possible for a better signal also a booster.

        2. Avatar Anonymous says:

          That was very long and quite confusing.

        3. Avatar Jack says:

          I have that antenna, the one with the motor in it to turn it from inside the house and a booster built in, for $50. Well worth the price. I mounted it in my garage and get all the local channels I want, in one direction or another.

          Cut the cord a few months ago and have Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, Epix, CBS All Access, Disney+ and HBO + and there are a bunch of services with live streaming channels, like Pluto, which is my favorite. Sure, I am spending a bit on the premium streaming services, but still way less than the basic cable I got from AT&T and have access to all the content I could ever watch and the great shows on those premium streaming services.

          I use Hobi, SeriesGuide and JustWatch to find and track the shows I want to watch and where to find them. These are smartphone apps and have a lot of functionality for what I need.

          I have a couple of Roku devices to watch streaming and other than that awesome antenna, that’s it. That’s all I need to have just as much content, or more than the basic cable that cost me upwards of $70 a month.

    2. Avatar Desiree Baker says:

      Yes misleading everyone with this garbage

  20. Avatar Dana Lymon says:

    This is amazing all of the negative post thanks we need those. I bought one Year just to see before I go all out. 1yr won’t break me. But don’t like just wasting money either

  21. Avatar Christina Lodge says:

    Thanks for all the comments especially @Mary, for trying to explain to folks how they too can get more channels. If it isn’t too much to ask, if anyone else has any suggestions that may help Bobbie Scott and Ed out, I’d greatly appreciate it and I’m certain they would too. Thanks again. Christina

  22. Avatar Jo says:

    You do not cut any cables!! You add more wiring!! This is my experience as I purchased SelectTV. You get it on your computer, then plug your computer into the TV. The computer MUST be plugged into the TV for it to work! YOU STILL HAVE TO HAVE CABLE, A MODEM, AND A ROUTER! So what cables are you cutting?? NONE, NOT ONE SINGLE CABLE!!!!!!!!! Now your computer is plugged into the TV. I cannot believe this company gets away with the deception.

    1. Avatar J says:

      “Cord cutting” is common use does not mean it literally. It means dropping cable company subscriptions. Sorry you didn’t know that.

  23. Avatar Ray Bo says:

    I have many of the issues mentioned above. My code was not recognized. While I did chat with someone, the chat was disconnected because I took to long to respond to their request of forwarding a copy of the code. I tried to reconnect yesterday and today w/o success. And a telephone number is not available. Maybe it’s a new company issue that they do not have control of yet. Maybe not. The door is open but has closed slightly.

  24. Avatar Lucy James says:

    Scam! Does not work! Everything you get is already publicly accessible and free? Do not get it!

  25. Avatar Lucy James says:

    Scam! Do not get it! Everything you get is already publicly accessible and free. It is a waste of money!

  26. Avatar Lucy James says:

    Everything you get is already publicly accessible and free.

  27. Avatar Fran says:

    Why are tv stations alowing these scammers to do there infomercials on their channels .

    1. Avatar Brenda says:

      If you’re on federal or state benefits, check out Amazon Prime, you can get their subscription for $5.99 per month.
      I also get Comcast Internet Essentials for $9.95 per month.
      I can stream whatever I want, plus watch the 20 or so channels I get with an antenna on my smart tv.
      Check with your local cable company for discounted internet for those on limited income or receiving food stamps

  28. Avatar Rob says:

    just another way to rob you of your limited income. I got that new ViaSat and I cant believe the lies they told me. I wish the USA would stop watching TV and internet just for 2 weeks I know we can do it. It is a min of 200 a month for internet…..if your in a dead zone with no cell service then you should just forget it because there is this crime that is called data charges! What a rip off. My next letter is to President Trump. If he cares about the poor then he will do something about these crooks!!!!

    1. Avatar Boss Mann says:


    2. Avatar Sad but wise veteran says:

      He doesn’t care. There’s no profit in it for him.

  29. Avatar Señor Rio says:

    I am so glad, that I decided to check out the reviews before placing an order. The sales pitch sounded too good, to be true at $19.95 a year. I will stick to surfing and searching the internet and bookmarking the sites that I like that are free.

  30. Avatar Gary says:

    These people are crooks. This thing is the same thing as a antenna you can but in the store. No customer service just recording. This is a scam. No good don’t buy. They no the right things to tell people to get there money

    1. Avatar Boss Mann says:

      *buy *know

      1. Avatar Anonymous says:

        to Boss Man—missed one—–their

      2. Avatar Boss Lady says:

        * their

  31. Avatar Superfoot2 says:

    Thanks everyone… for reviewing. I love to read what others have to say about products. I decided not to take a chance on this. I almost committed to 5 years. It just didn’t make enough sense to me. In the end one could spend more than cable from buying subscriptions.

    To those who lost money on this deal; I’m very sorry. I’m on a fixed income as well; but, God will provide.

  32. Avatar Darryl says:

    you don’t get anything free but the antenna that’s what you’re really paying for. you can get other apps free on the internet and off you smart tv and devices if you’re looking for a certain one, when you find out all of this out once you’ve purchased the package and you want to cancel, it’s going to cast you just as much to send back and get a refund because they don’t pay for returns upfront .

  33. Avatar Anonymous says:

    Thanks to the reviews, I will continue using the wall antenna

  34. Avatar Shirley says:

    Don’t buy it. You do not get any additional movies or channels. If you want an antenna for local and free channels they sell them everywhere (Walmart, Target ect..) and you do not have to pay a yearly fee. There is no router to connect to the internet so you have to have a built in one or you have to purchase one. Says it works with Roku. Well, if you have Roku as your router then you may as well use it for your cord cutting serve. Roku and Amazon Fire stick give you free channels and movies and local channels without the stupid antenna which does not work well or in some cases at all in rural areas and there is no yearly fee for Roku and the others. The only benefit of it is that it helps you organize your free stuff if you want to take the time to learn it all. I emailed them to get my money back and they told me I have to fill out aq form and send back the kit. What kit. The book is online and the so called CD is online. So, all that is left is the junk antenna that, in the commercial, it says if you are not satisfied keep the antenna.

  35. Avatar JR says:

    This is sad, I saw the commercial, and I am glad for the reviews. Saved me some grief. Same story, same ending-BS. NOTHING is free, somewhere you will pay. All I want is the History Channel, FOX News, & HGTV. If I could find a company to supply those 3 shows, I would pay premium for that! I will not pay a monumental price to get those channels because you have to take the premium package to get what you want. When will we get a program service that we can pick and chose the things we desire to pick and pay only for what we want. Currently you have to purchase a premium package to get what you want, including the XXX rated channels, (if you have seen one F__K film you have seen them all), why bother. Folks, please proof read your replies and use the dictionary (spelling) as needed-otherwise you look stupid! JR. (last name just not Ewing).

    1. Avatar Anonymous says:

      Sling tv (streaming service so internet is required)

    2. Avatar Daniel says:

      Sling TV (streaming service so internet is required)

  36. Avatar John Williams says:

    Im a sucker too!

  37. Avatar says:

    I’ve seen the Select Tv commercials, and it seems to me that they are selling you “nothing” that you can’t obtain on your own already. Why would anyone subscribe, or sign up to a site that doesn’t have streaming and that “directs” you to other websites. Anyone can purchase a free tv antenna, and usually you can pick up one for a very reasonable price these days. Free antennas will pick up your local network channels that are available in your area, usually within a 50 mile radius. As far as all of the thousands of radio, tv, and movie channels they claim they offer, again, they are offering you “nothing” unless you go to other links. May as well, google and keep your money. I can’t believe they would even put a commercial out. They talk and talk and you can see right at the getgo that they are selling the consumer absolutely “nothing”.

    1. Avatar Dumbass Dumbass says:

      What can you do pause trying to figure out how to work and I can’t pick it up I don’t even want pick up the soap worst part about it I bought one for my kids I’ll grade is that somebody out there 140 books I should have read throw myself out

  38. Avatar Bill says:

    This service, works 2 ways. 1 by Over The Air (OTA) tv. That’s why they send you an antenna. 2 through your internet. If you don’t have internet, then it’s the tv antenna. So that being said, to find out what tv stations are around, Google OTA tv, there are sites where you can enter your location, type of antenna (the one they send you is crap) and give you a list.

  39. Avatar Anonymous says:

    If it sounds too good, it isn’t

    1. Avatar Bobby Russell says:

      I am so grateful to have read 99 percent of the reviews here and I have a great thank you for you all for the warnings you have provided me, THANKS A MILLION, so glad I didn’t buy it!

  40. Avatar Rod Barry says:

    I was almost tricked into buying but I thought long enough to know this is a fraud. I will stick with firestick, amazon prime and YouTube. I installed an antenna with a motor I built from a kit that cost me $14.95. I get 25 TV stations. I have an APP that I installed on my firestick called “Mobdro” which has hundreds of tv channels and hundreds of movies. Firestick cost $25.00 and all the movies free. Don’t be fooled!

  41. Avatar Seeking Clarity through the Noise says:

    This is not really a scam, to satisfy everyone’s anxiety – – consider the first fact, an antenna at any Electronic store will cost you at least $15 – $70 anyway, thus at the least you get an antenna and depending where you point it and how high you set it, the antenna wil pickup any Local stations that are in your broadcast region. As far as the SmartTV interface it allows you to gather alot of free content all in one stop shop, thus this is a good thing. Look at the Internet, it is Information overload and everybody is lookig at what you are shopping for, right? I just ordered it and chose the 1 Year plan and at worst I loose $25 (includes shipping and taxes).
    I thought the same thing as many of you have mentioned but still gave uit a try.
    Good luck to all and I will post again once I receive the Kit – if I receive it at all 😀
    Wish me luck.

  42. Avatar DM says:


  43. Avatar Anonymous says:

    Thank you very much for the reviews. Saved me a bunch of con
    fusion. Knew it was too good to be true. My smart tv is plenty smart for me

  44. Avatar Jerry Fann says:

    I was never treated so rudely by a company I was paying for a service. Your tech cursed me and my son and told me he was going to hit my account up double. I had to cancel my debit card and will spread the word about what a scam this company is…

    1. Avatar Stephen Lovely says:

      Sorry to hear that, Jerry, but that wasn’t us! We’re not affiliated with SelectTV.

  45. Avatar Mel says:

    I was contemplating subscribing to this application. with all the eye opening comments, I think I will save my money.
    I currently use the Verizon hot spot feature for internet access. This along with my smart cast Vizio TV gives me lots of free movie channel options.

  46. Avatar Sheila Burton email is says:

    I can’t use this because of the trees I am trying to get a refund I don’t know how to get form Can someone please tell me

  47. Avatar Roy P says:

    I don’t think SelectTV offers anything you can’t already get for free using a decent OTA antenna and a streaming service like Pluto which is free. For $20 a month the streaming service Philo has over 60 channels with most of the most popular cable channels except for sports channels .

  48. Avatar LARRY says:

    If I am understanding all of these many comments, Select TV does not actually show on your television set? It only shows through internet streaming on your computer?

    Can anybody shed some light on this?

    1. Avatar Bob S. says:

      Larry my understanding is they offer two methods of viewing. The first is with the use of the indoor TV antenna which you hook to the back of your set. This should receive “over the air (OTA)” broadcasts. If you live near a major city you will receive more stations than if you live “in the sticks”. In either situation, you probably will get better reception/more stations with a rooftop antenna just like the old days.
      The second method they provide is to receive content over the internet. The service they provide is basically a directory of content which is available on the net. Think the old TV GUIDE. They do not provide the programs themselves. To receive this service and view the content, requires an internet subscription/connection and, of course, a device which can access the internet such as a computer, cell phone, etc. This device must then be connected to the TV if you want to view it on the TV screen instead of on the device itself. The content is not provided by Select TV but is available for free on the net. They only provide the directory or guide to what is available and where on the internet to access it. I hope this helps clear things up.

  49. Avatar Terr says:

    Not at all worth it. You can get the same channels without paying them the 20.00.

  50. Avatar John says:

    It sucks. Supposed to be a tv product but will not work on my tv per online support. Only on a mobile, tablet or PC.

    1. Avatar Paul says:

      Not true. I have basic Wi-Fi internet and that’s it. I took the Select TV stuff out of the box. I already had a decent indoor antenna so I just went to the website on my phone (could have used my computer), entered the code I was given and wallah..52 channels. My only complaint is the commercials that constantly remind you of the programming you receive and then asks for $5 a month donation. You don’t have to pay but it’s annoying! Gotta admit, reception is crystal clear on every channel. Its like having basic cable, with TV shows and movies for $19.95 a year plus tax. Really is a good deal. Of course I am in a city but with my antenna I only got 12 channels. With my antenna and Select TV I get 50 channels. Granted I don’t care for a few channels but overall its a really good deal!
      LPT in Seattle😎

    2. Avatar Bobby Wright says:

      It just takes the free stuff puts it in one link to watch for a small fee.

  51. Avatar Bobby Wright says:

    Some folks in the comments section are like a box of rocks, dumb. Can’t put too sentences two geter or use spell chick to correct your mispe lled words neither.

  52. Avatar Bobby Wright says:

    Kin y’all learn ta use spill check to correct your wroads?
    Learned to putt two cohearant sentences two gether.

  53. Avatar Anonymous says:

    I would never get this, you need to remove your commercial, it’s the most aggravating thing Ive ever seen, one hundred, two hundred, three hundred, four hundred, five hundred, six hundred, I think you get the idea! People can count who gives a shit ooo look a pile of money! BFD

  54. Avatar David L. says:

    Hi All..
    I can clarify this for you..cutting the cord, simply means you’re cutting out your cable will still need WiFi in order to stream content. One thing to remember is an antenna to pick up digital over the air broadcasts is very directional and needs to actually be pointed in the direction of where the local tv station broadcasts from. You connect the digital antenna and perform a channel scan from within the settings menu on your TV. If you want to simply stream your favorite channels, you will need a Roku or Firestick, which uses WiFi to connect. Look into Sling TV for $20/month and digital antenna for local stations..that’s your cheapest ‘cutting the cord’ option. Firestick – $50; Sling TV – $20/mo.; digital antenna-$20-$30..and cable/modem/WiFi – $50/mo. That’s about as cheap as you can get a simple streaming service connected..still way better than a $280/mo. cable bill!

    1. Avatar Ricky_Vato says:

      No, Locast is the cheapest option to receive local broadcast channels no matter where you live as long as you have internet. $60 per year or you can pay monthly.

      Example: I pay $39 per month for internet. $60 per year for local broadcast channels that I can view from home or anywhere up to 3 TVs.

  55. Avatar Ricky_Vato says:

    This service uses the internet which is fine. But for those out in remote areas that cannot receive local broadcast channels, Over The Air reception will not work like they say if you are too far from local broadcast transmitters. The best service for receiving all local channels in your area is Locast. Pay $60 per year and no matter where you are, as long as you have internet, you can get local channels. You can pay a low monthly fee, but paying yearly is better.

  56. Avatar Joe Shmoe says:

    This is a aggregate system. Many of which are available for free in the playstore or app store. I had to cut the cord 6 years ago due to health reasons. Believe me, I’ve tried them all. Direct TV now, Sling, Tubi, I mean all. Your best bet is to get internet. No, you don’t need to bundle, but I got a way better deal adding a land line. I pay $75 for 60mbps internet and telephone. I found Philo to be the best deal ever. I pay $22 a month for 60 channels of LIVE TV. The only thing is no sports, but I’ve never been a sports guy. The HD channels you find at Walmart for $20 works just fine for us. I’ve had Philo for 2 years now and I’m never going back to cable or any other TV service. Stay away from this and get with the real deal. Find a decent internet provider and find what works for you. There’s too many options nowadays.

  57. Avatar Greg says:

    From what I can tell…even if all their claims were true….at best it’s just making it more convenient to access the content all in one place. If You have a Roku or Amazon Fire stick, you can find this content on your own without paying anything.

  58. Avatar Anonymous says:

    I would suggest that you do not note that this will work with fire TV stick as it does not. I did not wish to watch TV shows – local networks on my phone or laptop. I also do not want to have to plug in my laptop to the TV to share.

    After speaking with customer service and them telling me it will not work with Fire TV I am disappointed so I choose to cut your cord!

  59. Avatar Don says:

    It is what it is…I subscribed for 2 years and do not find price unreasonable…Certain shows like the ones on the Shopping Channels I prefer watching on a computer….And that little antenna works better in my kitchen than a 65 mile amplified Mohu Leaf for the 11 available channels…It is what it is and I have no expectations of it being more.

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